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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum (Graded)

Rogue agent Jason Bourne is still being hunted by the very people at the CIA that transformed him into a killer. Still suffering from amnesia & determined to finally learn of his true identity, he's lured out of hiding to make contact with a journalist named Simon Ross, who has been following his story. Throughout his research, Ross has gathered up valuable information about Bourne & Treadstone, the organization that trained him. That’s rather inconvenient for Noah Vosen, who is looking to start up a new organization under the codename Blackbriar that would follow in Treadstone’s footsteps. With intent to kill Bourne & the journalist before they expose the program’s embarrassing secrets, he sends agent Pam Landy to lead the search effort. Simultaneously, Paz, one of the remaining few living Treadstone assassins, is dispatched to take both Bourne & Ross out. In order to finally learn of his true origins & find some inner peace, Bourne will have to evade, outsmart & outmaneuver the deadliest group of highly-trained killers yet.

Grade: A
The Bourne Identity: A
The Bourne Supremecy: A
Trailer 1 HERE
Trailer 2 HERE


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