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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Terminator Salvation (What to Know)

Entertainment Weekly got the chance to sit down with producers Derek Anderson, Victor Kubicek & Moritz Borman to talk about the upcoming "Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins." Besides confirming that Christian Bale will play the role of John Connor, the producers spoke about the other characters & whether Arnold Schwarzenegger would return.

A rumor was that Connor was only going to be a supporting role. ANDERSON: John Connor is an ongoing, very central character throughout the next trilogy. He's leading the fight for the salvation of humanity against the machines. So he's very important.So he's the star?KUBICEK: Yes. ANDERSON: There's gonna be another major costar with kind of equal presence in this installment.

And that costar would play the Terminator character?
ANDERSON: Yes.... Well, it's hard to say. It is a new character introduced in the mythology that's not replacing Arnold [Schwarzenegger]. It's not like he's stepping into Arnold's shoes. It's a completely new character.

Okay, but is it a Terminator — a killing machine? ANDERSON: No, not really. That's one of the big twists that if we told you.Will Schwarzenegger be returning in any form? KUBICEK: He may make a cameo.ANDERSON: It still hasn't been determined, but if he does, it would be a very small cameo.According to Anderson and Kubicek, the movie is set to begin shooting in either Australia or Budapest on March 15th, with a budget north of $150 million.


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