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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Alatriste (Movie Watch)

Diego Alatriste is not a virtuous soul, but he is a man of honor & valor. As a Captain in the Spanish army in the 17th Century, he emerges as a hero in his country’s imperial wars. In his personal life, he is passionately in love with the beautiful María de Castro, a famous stage actress. To keep a promise he made to a dying father, Alatriste watches over the young Íñigo de Balboa & attempts to steer him clear of a military career that he & the boy's father chose. More importantly, he wants to keep him away from the divine, but dangerous Angelica de Alquézar. Íñigo may be infatuated with the striking beauty, but her father, Luis de Alquézar, happens to be Alatriste’s sworn enemy.

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