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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

LymeLife (Movie Watch)

This is the story on the dark side of suburban paradise & the loss of innocence centering on two deeply troubled, dysfunctional families during the late 1970s. Revolving around an awkward, sensitive 15-year old boy, Scott Bartlett, whose family life is turned upside-down after an outbreak of Lyme disease hits the community spreading illness & paranoia. Scott's parents -- a workaholic father, Mickey & an overprotective mother, Brenda -- are on the verge of a divorce as his older brother Jim is about to ship off for war. Complicating matters, Scott has fallen in love with his next door neighbor, Adrianna Bragg. Adrianna seems to be the only person in the world who understands Scott demonstrated by her equally troubled, less affluent family including an uptight mother, Melissa, carrying on a not-so-clandestine love affair, & a father, Charlie, slowly slipping away from the effects of Lyme disease. LymeLife is a look at first love & family dynamics during a time of drastic economic & cultural change.

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