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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Rudo y Cursi (Graded)

Beto & Tato Verdusco are brothers who work at a banana plantation & also play soccer for the village team. Nicknamed "Tough" because of his personality & football style, Beto dreams of becoming a professional soccer player; Tato's dream is to be a famous singer, but both share the dream of building a house for their mother, Elvira. They have a change in luck when "Batuta," a soccer talent scout, discovers them accidentally.

Tato is the first to move to the big city where he becomes the star goal scorer for the prestigious Deportivo Amaranto (Amaranto Club). Although Beto feels he has been betrayed and left behind, he soon travels to Mexico City to become the goalkeeper for Atletico Nopaleros (Nopaleros Team). At the peak of glory, they forget all animosity, although it does not last long. At the very real possibility of fulfilling all of their dreams, the siblings must face an innate rivalry as well as their own demons & limitations.

Grade: A
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