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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Burning Plain (Movie Watch)

The past & the present have a curious way of effecting one another as several people seperated by time & space are about to discover. Sylvia, a restaurant manager whose cool, professional demeanor masks the storm within. When a stranger from Mexico confronts her with her mysterious past, Sylvia is launched into a journey through space & time that inextricably connects her to disparate characters, all of whom are grappling with their own romantic destinies. In Mexico, a young motherless girl, Maria, lives happily with her father & his best friend until a tragic accident changes it all. In the New Mexico border town of Las Cruces, two teenagers, Mariana & Santiago, find a sinful love in the aftermath of their parents’ sudden deaths. In an abandoned trailer, a housewife, Gina, embarks on a passionate affair that will put Sylvia & the others on a collision course with the explosive power of forbidden love.

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