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Monday, August 03, 2009

True Blood S2 (TV Watch)

The Sheriff of Area 9 has gone missing & Eric wants him found. Requesting the help of Sookie from Bill is going to be a problem but for Eric getting his way is how it is played & finding Area 9's Sheriff is too personal for him to allow. Despite being his Sheriff, Bill does not care to help Eric but he just might have his hands full if all goes according to someone else's plans. Tara is still trying to find her way after being & disowning her once alcoholic mother, but is marry Ann really the kind free spirit she claims & Tara believes her to be? After losing the one girl he ever loved, Jason is trying to find a new path with the Vampire hating Fellowship of the Sun church group but will his old ways lead him to trouble? Sam Merlotte is dealing with a lot, a colorful staff, his past & himself but will being who he is be good for him or fatal?

Grade A
On: DVD/Blu-ray
Trailer HERE


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