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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Eclipse (Movie Watch)

Michael Farr, a teacher raising his two kids alone since his wife died two years earlier has lately seeing & hearing strange things late at night in his house. He isn’t sure if he is simply having terrifying nightmares or if his house is haunted. Each year, the seaside town where Michael lives hosts an international literary festival, attracting writers from all over the world. Michael works as a volunteer for the festival & is assigned the attractive Lena Morelle, an author of books about ghosts & the supernatural, to look after. They become friendly & he eagerly tells her of his experiences. For the first time he has met someone who can accept the reality of what has been happening to him. However, Lena’s attention is pulled elsewhere coming to the festival at the bidding of married world-renowned novelist Nicholas Holden, with whom she had a brief affair the previous year.

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