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Friday, November 10, 2006

Singer & Jackman: Wolverine & X-Men Sequal (What to Know)

Executive producer Chris Lee, producer Jon Peter, and director Bryan Singer spoke at University of Hawaii about the upcoming "Superman Returns" sequel. Singer and Peters are in Honolulu this week to celebrate Lee's birthday and to begin planning the next Superman film, which will likely begin production mid to late next year in a location yet to be determined.

Singer acknowledged that he has also been approached to direct the next "X-Men" movie. He directed the first two well-received films before turning over the reigns for the third installment to Brett Ratner, which SUCKED!.

But he added he obviously wouldn't have time to take on another large-scale project before the next Superman gets underway. He is interested, however shocking, in seeing the script for the "X-Men" spinoff "Wolverine." The Warner Bros.' sequel to "Superman Returns," which grossed barely reached a healthy $200 million in the U.S. this year, will likely hit theaters in 2009.

As for Jackman, he has told sources that the project (Wolverine) "is out to directors and no, I haven't heard anything. It's hard because you can't... we're approaching very A list directors so you can't give it to 20 of them at once."

Asked further if we can expect any mutant cameos, Jackman grinned and replied, "It's a prequel, so there won't be many. There will be other new characters." Thanks Hugh..


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