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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Dark Knight (What to Know)

Warner Bros Pictures has been updating the official "The Dark Knight" site on a regular basis. In just a few days, we have seen the Batman signal, a picture of Harvey Dent & even the Joker's face. Now the page where you can catch a glimpse of the Joker is gone and replaced with what looks like an Error page. However, if you highlight it, you will see a little message from the Joker. Click on the link below to check out the page. If you never got a chance to see what the Joker looks like, you can still check out that image right here right now.

Update: The message that's left by the Joker is a riddle. If you take all the "HA" out of the text, you will get "See You in December." Also, has registerd as well, so stay tuned.


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