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Friday, December 15, 2006

Shrek The Third (Movie Watch)

When we last saw him, King Harold had turned into a frog. Now that he has fallen ill, his daughter, Princess Fiona, & her husband Shrek are the next in line to rule as the Queen and King of Far, Far Away. Since he finds difficulty in the new position and longs to return to his swamp, Shrek is delighted to hear that he may have a way out of this predicament. There is one other person who could rightfully claim King Harold’s throne – Fiona’s troublesome cousin Artie. With his friends Donkey & Puss in Boots beside him, Shrek sets out to find the rebellious teen. Suddenly, the jilted Prince Charming, who was thrown out of Far, Far Away last time, makes his way back to the kingdom, looking for revenge. Together with a group of fairy tale villains, he hopes to seize back the castle and the throne. Fiona assembles a band of princesses to help her stop the Prince’s assault, but with Shrek away on his mission, the kingdom is in grave danger.
Grade: B +
Teaser HERE


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