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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Spiderman 3 (Graded)

A complex web of secrets, vengeance, love & forgiveness... Spider-Man 3 is a riveting adventure that will transport Peter Parker to thrilling new heights with deadlier enemies, more danger & drama.

Grade: A -
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Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At Worlds End (What to Know)

Captain Jack Sparrow and Company return for one last decisive battle. In the conclusion to the first trilogy of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, the heroes must face a powerful alliance formed by Lord Cutler Beckett, Davy Jones & Admiral James Norrington. With the help of an unlikely friend, the trio will fight to protect the freedom of all pirates around the world. A titanic showdown at the other side of the world will also bring a new & even more deadly enemy, the dreaded pirate captain Sao Feng.

Grade: C
Trailer HERE

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Away From Her (Graded)

"Away From Her" is the lyrical screenplay adaptation of celebrated author Alice Munro's short story "The Bear Came Over the Mountain." A beautifully moving love story that deals with memory & the circuitous, unnamable paths of a long marriage. Married for almost 50 years, Grant & Fiona's commitment to each other appears unwavering, and their everyday life is full of tenderness & humor. This serenity is broken only by the occasional, carefully restrained reference to the past, giving a sense that this marriage may not always have been such a fairy tale. This tendency of Fiona's to make such references, along with her increasingly evident memory loss, creates a tension that is usually brushed off casually by both of them. As the lapses become more obvious and dramatic, it is no longer possible for either of them to ignore the fact that Fiona is suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

Grade: A +
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Private Fears in Public Places (Movie Watch)

Sophie is Thierry’s sister and roommate who spends most of her time trying to find a boyfriend. Thierry is a real estate agent who shows Nicole several apartments. Nicole is looking for a 3 bedroom to share with her fiancé, Dan, but Dan has little interest in helping her, in fact, his only concern lately is getting drunk and his only acquaintance is the bartender, Lionel. Lionel listens to other people’s problems, while his own are enormous.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

The Look Out (Movie Watch)

Chris is a once promising high school athlete whose life is turned upside down following a tragic accident. As he tries to maintain a normal life, he takes a job as a janitor at a bank, where he ultimately finds himself caught up in a planned Heist.

Trailer Here

The Darjeeling Limited (What to Know)

Following the death of their father & disappearance of their mother, three American brothers take a journey through the vibrant & sensual landscapes of India to re-forge family bonds. The journey comes in a form of a train trip, all set up by the oldest brother, Francis, who wishes to reconnect with his siblings. But when their behavior causes them to be kicked off the train, they are forced to learn much more about themselves and India than they ever expected.
Grade: A -
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